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3D Design

Why do a 3D Design of your home or addition before building?

There are many benefits to a 3D Design! From being able to see if you like your colour scheme, your window and door placement, add customizations and make it cost efficient. No longer do you have to use your imagination! With a Digital 3D model you can easily and quickly play with different elements, giving you a realistic rendition so you can make sure it's just how you want it, avoiding building blunders! You can do a walk-through your entire home before it's even built! See if you like where the outdoor lights are, and even plan the landscaping of the yard.  We can take a picture of your lot and set your home in it so you can have a pretty good idea how everything will look!


Doing a digital 3D Rendition of your home or building has environmental benefits by not having to do a physical model, it can also bring to the front any inconsistencies or potential issues before the build starts. With accurate simulations, architects can assess the energy efficiency of a design, understand how natural light interacts with the space, or even evaluate the efficiency of HVAC systems!

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