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Cornerstone Construction can take care of your renovations for your home and business! Whether your home needs some upgrades, increase in value for sale, or your business needs a new facelift.


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If you are wanting to increase the value in your home, whether you are preparing to sell or just wanting to update, here are the top 7 Home Reno's to add value according to Better Homes & Gardens.

1. Create an addition: could be adding a new bedroom, extending the living room or adding a sunroom!

2. Redo your Kitchen: Updating cupboards, appliances, adding trending kitchen features can all help.  Adding some hidden outlets for your coffee maker, toaster, microwave and any other kitchen appliances you can't live without!

3. Renovate your Bathroom: an update bathroom is a major selling point for any home! Adding a half bath to a living area for guests can improve the appraisal of the home.

4. Update your Homes HVAC: These are some of the most critical items to maintain, Having your HVAC uptodate gives you your best Energy Efficiency, is being more environmental consciences, and gives you cost savings!

5. Amplify your outdoor living space: a screened porch, backyard patio - especially one that includes an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill and a small fridge makes a wonderful entertaining area! Updating your siding does not only help your curb appeal, new siding materials offer insulated vinyl sidinf can help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

6. Make your home more accessible: widening doorways, creating an entryway to keep your guests (and yourself) out of the weather while you get the door open, changing a main level tub to a shower, clearing a path to a stepless entrance or adding a door to the back or side of your house.

7. Update your Light Fixtures: Lighting is the simplest renovation that will add value and warmth to your home! Well-placed pools of warm light can make your home inviting and user-friendly. When choosing the right light fixtures for your rooms, consider the design as well as function!

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