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About Us

Family owned and operated since 2009, Cornerstone Construction has been dedicated to bringing reliable contracting services to all of its clients. Located in Three Hills, Alberta. We service Central Alberta.

Our Mission

We want to strive as a company to be open and honest with each other about our strengths and our weaknesses. We fail to grow as people when we fail to be transparent.
Our goal is to do what we say we will do, to show up when we say we will. To preform each task set before us with integrity and consistency every time!
In everything we do, whether framing a wall, installing a window, sweeping a floor, or even spending time with family and friends; we will perform it to the highest quality possible!
Team Work
We are a team! Three cords are stronger than one. We commit to working together for the good of everyone. Our goal is to put others first, to respect and care for each other, to have each others backs!
Taking the high road when the low road is easier and faster, when no one is watching. We commit to do the right things even if it costs us!
Our desire is to commit to help and support families, to see them thrive and flourish. Starting with our own families, then those in our communities!
We believe in 2nd chances. We want to have our hearts open to those around us that need help and support!
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